Pilot phase
A new way of co-producing community activity.

About Activating.Space

Activating.Space is a new way of supporting people to easily deliver activities making better use of community space. We are lowering the barriers of entry to enable anyone with a skill to deliver a community activity, ensuring under-utilised space is made more accessible, and using technology to help people find relevant activities for them and their families in places local to where they live and work.

Activating Space will help drive more value from community spaces, empowering volunteers, and delivering more in local communities.

Benefits for communities

  • Innovation in community activity enabling volunteers to use their skills to run activities that enable others to become more active and involved.
  • Easy to use tools for community centres, hall managers, team members and residents to support bookings, payments, promotion, etc.
  • Potential to inspire young people as micro-entrepreneurs delivering activity in their communities.
  • Potential to increase activity in communities supporting improved outcomes and driving stronger income generation from existing community assets.

We are currently seeking Council, Housing, Leisure and Voluntary Sector Partners who are interested in piloting our technology in community settings. You will have a number of community spaces you would like to see managed better and used more in areas with potential for stronger community led delivery. You will provide some comms and engagement to support the implementation. We will bespoke the technology for your local circumstances and together we will drive new and more efficient ways of delivering community activity.

Please get in touch to explore with us further.


Micah Gold – has over 25 years experience in working with young people, communities and the organisations that serve them. Working with organisations to reimagine how community space could be better utilised, he developed a vision for enabling communities to do more for themselves. At a time when public services are contracting, it’s the ultimate in doing ‘more for less', providing the tools for communities to do more for themselves, and supporting organisations derive new income streams for existing community assets. At a time when public services are contracting, it’s the ultimate in ‘more for less’ and ‘peer to peer’.

Russ Bubley – has spent the last seven years working for mission-driven organisations. He has a track record of working with social enterprises who want to integrate public good into their day-to-day activities and ambitions. He has worked on numerous IT projects both large and small scale, including leading a project that won the “Best use of IT in Wholesale and Investment Banking” in the FST Awards, and working on what is believed to be the first computing “grid” in finance. Russ holds an award-winning PhD in computer science.

Contact Activating Space

Feel free to email us if you are a local authority or community space wanting to get involved, or to just say hello!

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